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Company Description

An incredible journey spanning some 40 years, is at the base of Academic Partners’ predominance in education. International association along the way with the likes of Davy Ashmore (UK), McKee (USA), Deloitte (global) and ResearchGate (Germany) have allowed us to pick up extraordinary recruitment techniques, while allowing for the development of bespoke products, protocols and intellectual property.

At Academic Partners, we have observed, noted and adapted to an ever-changing educational landscape, bringing more meaningful and affordable products to bear. Be it the classic approach to academic recruitment that we’ve become renowned for or our new menu of piecemeal offerings designed to save the client time and money. We are here to listen, advise and deliver.

Hallmarks of our success include unique pre- and post-delivery activities, unparalleled assessment and the inclusion of ever-changing global techniques … all done at a super close relationship level.


Regardless of what your recruitment needs may be, we can provide a solution.
Meeting with the client to discuss the position.
Obtaining a full job specification.
Providing a draft Document of Understanding for final adjustments and “sign-off” by both parties.
Advertising the position nationally and internationally using both print and digital mediums. (An advertising proposal is submitted and accepted under separate cover.)
Conducting database searches to identify candidates meeting the essential criteria.
Making independent, sensitive and confidential approaches to candidates identified through various forms of networking.
Response handling and the generation of a matrix or summary of applications. Screening of applications into A, B and C lists.
Short-listing of candidates through utilising the Activity-Based Assessment and Confirmation technique (ABAC).
Co-ordinating psychometric assessments, if required, at additional cost to the client.
Conducting integrity background checks (Google checks, police criminal record checks, qualification verification and credit reference checking) (international candidates will be expected to provide their own police/criminal clearance checks).
In-depth business reference checking of prequalifying candidates, using a technique called ‘Intuitive Referencing’.
In-depth forensic investigations conducted by former Deloitte Investigators.
First tier conducted only on shortlisted candidates
A second tier (more intense) being conducted prior to our client despatching an employment contract (offer) to a pre-selected candidate/s.(Please discuss with Academic Partners at this stage).
Presentation of short-listed candidates to the Selection Committee by way of a PowerPoint presentation.
Participation in client’s panel interviews (only as a facilitator [if required]).
Facilitating or presenting the offer to the preferred appointee on behalf of the client.
Facilitating translocation and on-boarding.
Maintaining contact with both the client and the appointed candidate, for a period of one year, to assist in the development of a harmonious settling-in process.
Notification to all applicants of the outcome.
Conducting a post-assignment evaluation to ensure delivery enacted met with the promise made (regardless of outcome).